Hello and WELCOME to my website!
My name is Ingrid Moholm and I am the owner of New Fashion Afghan Hounds. I live together with a very deeply loved Afghan Hound family in the north of Sweden - Land of The Midnight Sun! We also have a nice garden which includes a big collection of Daylilies.
My deep love for the Afghan Hound started more than 35 years ago. A relationship of love that will last forever.
When I was 15 years old I started hitch-hiking around in Scandinavia with my camera visiting shows and Afghan-Hound breeders. The result is more than 15 000 photos.
Afghans owned and bred by me have included both Australian, American and nordic lines.

If  you click on Afghans Yesterday you can see photos of some Afghans owned or bred by me.
I had a "time-out" between 2000 and 2005 because of an illness. Today I have started up again and I feel very happy to have the most beautiful animal ever created in my house again.
THANK YOU to all who have made my dream come true and THANK YOU to all owners of New Fashion Afghan Hounds thru the years. Just a minimum of them are shown, but they have all had loving and caring homes.
At last: You are all always WELCOME to call or send me an e- mail.
Enjoy your life with THE KING of dogs - THE AFGHAN HOUND!

Ingrid Moholm
Infjärdenvägen 339
946 31  Roknäs
Telenr. 0911 - 611 05
Mobilnr. 070-251 11 05
Email: ingrid.moholm@spray.se